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How to deploy a unified communications network (Webconference to SIP endpoints)

About This Course

The MCONF to SIP integration course is part of the work carried out int the MAGIC project. The course is divided in two main sections, the first regarding the SIP network and MCONF webconference integration, and the second that abord the statistics system.

In the first section, the student will be able to see the overall system architecture, its elements and how the communicate and interact in order to transfer audio and video between the systems.

The second section deals with a crucial components architecture of statistics. The system is oriented to have all details on call setup, communication and performance.


Students shall have precious knowledge on Linux systems, and the webconferece based in MCONF.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Felipe Cecagno

Principal development engineer for the MCONF system.

Course Staff Image #2

Leonardo Daronco

Development engineer of the MCONF system

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