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About the NRENum.NET course

NRENnum.NET is a global dialling service that translates E.164 numbers to Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) addresses. Said in other way, the NRENs can establish an infrastructure service that takes numbers in traditional format (+573154566556), and convert them to valid Internet service identifiers called URIs ( For the end-users, the service facilitate the use of the real-time communications services (audio and video) by making them more accesible, and easier to understand. The above due to the fact that users already use numbers daily while using their regular phones. For the NRENs and institutions, the NRENum.NET service empowers the services integration. Implementing a common dialling method and infrastructure is the first step to achieve real unified communications, and end-users dialling transparently through different devices and platforms.

The NRENum.NET service use the Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure, that is already in place for translation names to IP numbers for the Internet use. Using this system has the great advantage that NRENs will not require additional resources. Furthermore, with its use, an incremental change makes the dialing service inmediately federated at global level.

Through this course, the participants will understand the elements and technologies involved in the NRENum.NET service implementation, and the steps for doing it. Furthermore, the participants will also know how to secure their DNS services by implementing the DNSsec standards.


The participants shall have intermediate knowledge in:

  • Linux operative systems
  • Domain Name Systems (DNS) services
  • Video-conference (SIP/H.323) basic use and administration concepts

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Angelica Bello Porras

Angelica Bello Porras is an electronics engineer that works in the Videoconference and Systems Operations Group (VSOG). She is has among his responsibilities to coordinate the human and technical resources for large H.323 video-conferences. Angelica has had experience with differnt video-conference MCU/terminals from vendors like Polycom and Codian. Furthermore, Angelica also works in the DNS services administration and Colaboratorio infrastructures of RedCLARA.

Frequently Asked Questions

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